Dr. Sorah and NW Health and Healing staff are always there for me. From chiropractic care, naturopathic medicine, as well as massage, they have helped me over the last 15 years on many levels. I mostly appreciate the sense of compassion and concern of overall well-being. I always feel they genuinely care, are happy to see me, and eager to solve my medical problem. I find myself regularly referring others to their clinic for a variety of needs.

– Heather Perrigan, Albany

I have low back issues. I have been going to chiropractors for a number of years, but for the first time I have experienced both a massage and an adjustment in the same visit at Dr. Sorah’s office. I feel that this is the key to his success with me as a patient. I feel that my adjustment lasts longer and I feel better quicker. He does not OVER adjust. Through massage he makes sure your muscles are relaxed enough before aligning your back. He does not need to slam on your back so that he can hear your bones crunch and then say “that should fix you.” His maneuvers are gentle but effective. I also like that he CARES for you and your health. You are more than money in his pocket. He takes time with you. I have never felt like he is rushing you in and out so he can get another patient in and add another # to his list. I will continue to use Dr. Sorah as my chiropractor. I recommend him to all who are in need.

– Shelley Schoonover

After some contemplation on where to turn, I decided to seek treatment for my upper back and shoulder pain from Dr. Sorah. At first, I was apprehensive about receiving chiropractic treatment, but that feeling went away within the first few minutes of my appointment. Dr. Sorah assessed my overall health and current pain and created a treatment plan that fell in line with how I wanted to be treated. He used several techniques to treat the soft tissue dysfunction and pain I experienced for several years. He also suggested techniques I could use to keep the pain at bay at home. After just 4 visits, I feel like I have a completely rejuvenated back and shoulder. I’ve been able to go back to working out my upper body without pain and am absolutely thrilled.

– Jonathan Champney

I feel extremely fortunate to have found Dr. Sorah’s practice a few years ago. Over the years I have competed at the CrossFit Games, set records in powerlifting, and now compete at a national level in Olympic weightlifting. It is important for me to have a practitioner who understands the demands of competitive athletics. Dr. Sorah has helped to keep me at the top of my athletic game, and I consider my care under Dr. Sorah to be an essential element to my health and athletic career.

– Marie Rochat

I have been a Chiropractic patient since childhood, and a patient of Dr. Sorah for over 16 years. Not only is Dr. Sorah an exceptional Chiropractor, he is a great and caring person. I always feel as though he looks at me as a whole person not just a single problem to be dealt with. I refer family, friends and co-workers without reservation to Dr. Sorah and Dr. House. I’m so thankful to have Northwest Health and Healing for my Chiropractic and Health needs.

– Carrie Atkinson, Lebanon

When I came to Dr. Michael Sorah four years ago, I had chronic back and ankle pain from playing sports year round. Dr. Sorah’s proactive approach to treating my injuries helped me to heal up over the course of my junior and senior years of high school. He helped me to understand what was causing the issues, and gave me recovery techniques to use outside of the times that I saw him for appointments. In my appointments, he worked with the muscle and tissues in my back to help them support my bones and vertebrae. Whereas, in other chiropractic experiences, I had simply had my vertebrae moved back into alignment during the appointment, only to have them go back to the way they were because the tissue surrounding the vertebrae had not been worked on. Without the help of Dr. Sorah, I would not be able to play football at the collegiate level today. I would highly recommend Dr. Michael Sorah, not only because he is an incredible chiropractor, but also because of the family friendly atmosphere I encounter when I come into his office.

– Grant Schroeder, George Fox Football Quarterback

When I first visited Northwest Health and Healing, my neck and shoulder were tight and my left arm and fingers were numb. After just three visits of intensive muscular work by Dr. Sorah under the shoulder blade, the tingling and numbness were relieved and the tightness in my shoulder and neck had improved. Each treatment has improved range of motion and has allowed me to begin building strength in my left arm. I’m so grateful for the work that Dr. Sorah does. Because he is willing to spend the time massaging the muscles and working on problem areas prior to adjustment, the body responds easily to the adjustment without jarring movements. As someone who loves massage, it’s amazing to say that I would rather see Dr. Sorah for an adjustment and muscle work session than get a massage because the effects are long lasting. As Dr. Sorah works on aligning your body, he shares information to help you learn more about stretching, exercise, nutrition and health. He follows up by emailing exercises and stretches and I am so grateful for how much stronger and healthier I feel as a result!

– Tyan Hayes, Corvallis

Heidi Sailor [Lovingier] has found her calling and passion in massage. Her hands are intuitive in healing the body and relaxing the mind. Never have I met another therapist that has matched the elevated experience I’ve had on her table. Her presence is so calming, and although I am never ready for my session to end, I glide away feeling pampered and rejuvenated. I have been fortunate enough to sample many different massage therapists in different settings such as in my home, the outdoors, in a 5 star spa — and none of those experiences are comparable to therapy that Heidi has been able to demonstrate to me session after session. If you need a licensed massage therapist who can help you improve body flexibility and range of motion, heighten relaxation and significantly reduce stress levels, Heidi Sailor is the very best therapist I have ever encountered!

– Laura

I have seen massage therapists for the last 20 years in regards to chronic pain and have received exceptional service from Heidi Sailor [Lovingier] at each visit. Since beginning my treatment with her, Heidi has shown sensitivity to my needs and listens carefully to my symptoms at every appointment, asking pertinent questions to determine the most effective treatment plan. She is always receptive to how I feel and the needs that my body presents (back, neck, leg pain, etc.). She is flexible with her schedule and goes to great lengths to provide the ideal situation and relaxation necessary for a great massage. I would highly recommend Heidi for your massage needs.

– Janet

Heidi Sailor [Lovingier] has found problem places I could not fix in my hot tub, or through yoga or exercise. Her touch is just right for me — not too hard and not too soft. After a session with Heidi I feel relaxed and energized for days. I appreciate her being able to adjust her schedule on short notice to work on me when I need it most and not having to wait for several days.

– Mike S.

Heidi Sailor [Lovingier] has a wonderful energy about her and her massages both relieve muscle tension and provide so much relaxation. I always leave my massages feeling peaceful and more centered. I truly think she has magic hands!

– Kelli

Dr. Winckler, I wanted to drop you a note and say thank you. You helped me with my GERD issue, back, hip and shoulder pain. When I came to you I was at the point of giving up, as every other attempt by other chiropractors and doctors had not helped, I felt I was beyond help and was very depressed as a result. You always took the time to ask me how I was doing, showed concern for all of my issues I was experiencing, and always provided extra time and care to help me get back to living. You are an exceptional doctor, and I am so thankful that I was able to find you, and have you accept me as a patient. I don’t recall ever saying thank you for helping me. I was physically and mentally broken, you helped change that, and I can’t thank you enough for all you did to help get me going again. Thank you for helping me where no one else could.

– Karl F