Ondria Holub, M.Ac.OM, L.Ac.

Ondria Holub, acupuncture provider at Northwest Health and Healing Center in Corvallis, Oregon.

Professional Training and Background

After completing my undergraduate at Oregon State University in 1998, with a degree in Health Promotion and Education and a minor in Athletic Administration (I studied athletic training for a number of years in both high school and college), I worked as a department secretary in a Dialysis unit for the next 4 years. I enjoyed engagement with all the medical staff, and especially the interaction with the dialysis patients. And though I considered moving into a more active/therapeutic role with patients, needles were just not my things.

In August 2001, through my mom, I was introduced to acupuncture. She told me that she was having acupuncture 2-3x/week to address spinal/nerve pain from a spontaneous disc rupture that happened in October of 2000, and the sequela from surgery that followed. The most exciting news she shared, was that after a month worth of acupuncture treatments she had reduced her hefty pain medication by at least 50%. I was in awe. Soon after hearing my moms experience, I had scheduled an appointment for October 2001. During and following my first treatment, the relaxation and ‘ease’ I felt was amazing. The needles are thinner than cat/dog whiskers and did not hurt at all. The following nights’ sleep was the most rested I’d felt in a long time. I knew, shortly thereafter, my love for this traditional medicine was just beginning.

0601_0178I started the Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine program in September of 2002 at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine (OCOM) in Portland Oregon. I officially graduated in 2007 with a Masters in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine as well as being nationally board certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). In July 2007, in Philomath Oregon, I started my own journey in private practice. April 2009, I moved my practice to Corvallis Oregon, and created Balance Point Acupuncture. October 2013, still working in private practice as Balance Point Acupuncture, I moved my location and joined Northwest Health and Healing Center. I now work closely with a number of wonderful providers who compliment each other with the care and skill they bring to their patients.

Treatment Philosophy

As a practitioner it is my intent to teach people that health and wellness are not based on physical factors alone. It is also important to share and increase the knowledge regarding Chinese Medicine as an alternative – though traditional – model of health care. Healing isn’t about fixing the symptom with a band-aid. Healing incorporates an entire process of addressing the symptoms, going to the root, and assisting the mind, body, and spirit accordingly. All aspects are addressed.

I primarily work with Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, utilizing the principles of yin and yang, and the zang-fu organ system. In addressing pain, I focus treatments around the style of Dr. Richard Tan. For Tan, distal acupuncture points are used, instead of local points at the site of pain/injury. Most pain can be addressed with treatment points below the elbows and knees.

I often include Gua Sha and Fire cups as a modality, as well as incorporating the use of Chinese herbs to propagate treatment. Nutritional supplements and herbs are recommended to support and assist the body physiology when necessary.

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