“The natural choice for integrated care.”

All of the providers at Northwest Health and Healing Center ascribe or adhere to a philosophy of health that is whole person in nature. We also believe that no one treatment technique or type of provider can adequately address all of a patient’s needs. This concept of integrated care means that in our office, you will find chiropractors, massage therapists, naturopaths, nutritionists, and counselors all working together to provide the best and most complete care of the patient and utilizing many complimentary and alternative techniques.

With all of these providers working harmoniously together under one roof, it is much easier to consult and advise one another regarding a patient’s best and most effect form of care.

At NWHH we believe strongly at getting to the root cause(s) of a person’s condition/illness/injury, and this may entail one or more of the above listed providers and their specific treatment techniques/approach.

We strive to work as a team with a patient to return one’s body/mind to a point of homeostasis/balance by encompassing treatment provided by a practitioner or practitioners, and instructing the patient in home based exercise and stretching techniques, dietary improvements, sleep hygiene, stress reduction techniques and mental/relational health. By utilizing multiple treatment approaches, the practitioners at NWHH are able to treat a wide variety of health conditions including, but not limited to:

  • back pain
  • headaches
  • sports injuries
  • extremity pain
  • injuries from motor vehicle crashes
  • problems related to work related injuries
  • obesity
  • fatigue
  • sleep problems
  • abdominal pain
  • digestive problems
  • food allergies
  • respiratory allergies
  • hormone imbalance/problems

Given the approach at NWHH utilizing integrated care to treat the whole person, help is not just limited to acute and/or chronic pain or other acute or chronic conditions. The goal of treatment is to segue a patient from acute and/or chronic care to wellness or maintenance care. Wellness or maintenance care is aimed at providing periodic care/visits for patients to help them maintain a balance or homeostasis in their health to keep them at optimal function and function. The purpose is also to help fight off any potential for disease development by being proactive and addressing health issues before they become significantly complex and overwhelming.