Dr. Deborah Nixdorf, ND, LAc

Dr. Deborah Nixdorf, ND, LAc


Dr. Deborah Nixdorf is a licensed naturopathic physician and acupuncturist in the state of Oregon. She completed her medical training and naturopathic medical residency at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine (NCNM) in Portland, Oregon. During her training, Dr. Nixdorf completed a two-year mentorship in women’s health and a four-year study in the management of chronic disease using biotherapeutic drainage. Her specialties include chronic disease, women’s health, fertility, anxiety/depression, sleep issues, thyroid disease, weight loss, autoimmune and gastrointestinal disorders. Dr. Nixdorf is fluent in both English and Spanish.

Treatment Philosophy

Dr. Nixdorf combines modern diagnostic techniques with ancient Chinese medical diagnostics to identify and treat the root cause of her patients’ ailments. When in health, one is free of physical, mental and spiritual obstacles allowing for balance and harmony to dominate. In her practice, Dr. Nixdorf focuses on the root cause, versus the management of symptoms, to facilitate health and healing. She treats on an individualist basis, taking the time to know her patients. Empowering individuals to reclaim their health and wellness is at the heart of Dr. Nixdorf’s practice. She supports her patients and challenges them to tap into their full potential, allowing them to live more abundantly. Recognizing that daily self-care is the key to accessing wellness, she provides practical tools for patients to become actively involved in their healing journey. To further provide the best patient care possible, Dr. Nixdorf supports collaborating with other healthcare professionals.


Volunteering in  San Pablo la Laguna, Guatemala

Volunteering in San Pablo la Laguna, Guatemala

Dr. Nixdorf volunteers her services regularly both locally and internationally to underserved populations. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, hiking, gardening, dancing and sampling the local fresh produce of the Pacific Northwest.


I can’t recommend Dr. Nixdorf enough. Repeatedly she has helped me with medical conditions that pop up, including an illness that both urgent care and the ER could not diagnose and properly treat. She uses diverse modalities to treat and is very thorough in listening and understanding patient complaints. She is definitely an asset to our community.

– 38 y/o female


Dr. Nixdorf is amazing. I was feeling so poorly with lack of energy and in 5 weeks I was doing things energy wise that I had not been able to do in almost two years. She really knows how to work with the body and heal it.

– 46 y/o female


Dr. Nixdorf is what I consider a genuine doctor—a healer who is focused solely on the wellbeing of her patients.

For most of my adult life I have experienced certain low-grade chronic symptoms. I have worked with several doctors and tried many approaches with little success in finding the root causes. I started working with Dr. Nixdorf a few years ago. She has worked diligently to understand my symptoms, prescribe and interpret lab tests, and track my progress and response to treatments. She prepares in advance for appointments, does independent research and has a broad background of knowledge that she draws upon to suggest treatments and lifestyle adjustments.

Dr. Nixdorf’s combination of natural medicine (herbal, homeopathy, acupuncture) with laboratory analysis (blood tests, etc.) is unique and effective. With this approach, she has helped me identify and improve in several areas. She has also helped my Wife and Daughter for many years to effectively treat several conditions.

– 49 y/o male


I thought she was fantastic. She really cared about me and wanted to find out what was going on and the cause of my problems not just stopping at each symptom and pretending that it was not related to the whole. I highly highly recommend her.



I had heard about Naturopathic Physicians and Acupuncture, but had never had any personal experience with either forms of treatment. I was in an automobile accident that left me with a bulging disk i n my neck and problems from the base of my skull to my lower back. I had been to my Primary Care physician, physical therapists (yes, more than one), massage therapists, neurologists, and other western medicine specialists. While I received great care from them, I was ready to look to other forms of treatment. I visited a Chiropractor, who was amazing, and agreed that I should try Acupuncture.

My first appointment with Dr. Nixdorf had me in tears. I was met by the most compassionate, intuitive, caring, understanding, professional woman. She wanted to know about all aspects of my health. She wanted the lab and test results I had done, she wanted to know what I was currently doing for treatment, we talked about what had been going on in my life outside from dealing with healing from the accident, and, along with other things, she wanted to know what I wanted from treatment. Dr. Nixdorf is a true healer in that she wants scientific information (like lab results, x-rays, MRI’s, etc.), but looks far beyond just that aspect of treating me – me as a whole person, and as a unique individual. While she may see many clients with similar issues, no two are treated the same because she individualizes and personalizes each person’s treatment and treatment plan. She worked with me on everything from nutrition, lifestyle, physical healing, emotional well-being, everything!

I was nervous, but not terrified. My first acupuncture treatment was great – I fell asleep! I had not experienced that sort of comfort and relaxation in a VERY long time. That ended up being my typical reaction to treatment. And yes, that is with needles in! The surprising part is that I hardly felt the needles go in, or realize they were there.

Dr. Nixdorf was the only one to focus on my lower back, and while I shouldn’t have been, I was so surprised to experience substantial improvement. What a relief! And my back, and well-being as a whole, continued to improve. I can’t tell you how it works, but what I can tell you is that it does. Dr. Nixdorf is a true healer and an amazing person. I am so much healthier and have had such amazing results from her treatment. I am so thankful to have met, and been treated by, Dr. Nixdorf.